Four Times Your Field Agents Relied on Mobile Platforms

If you own a business that requires staff to spend time in the field, then you know how often your agents rely on mobile platforms and field service management software. Here are four times when agents most require mobile platforms.

1. Coverage Inconsistencies

Traffic, weather, personal issues – all of these factors contribute to coverage delays and inconsistencies. Field service management software mitigates these issues by providing supervisors with agent location, road conditions and mapping. If also provides a record of direct contacts with field agents. These software features allow supervisors to redirect resources efficiently and move agents to areas where coverage is thin. Record keeping assists in after action reviews and analysis which can improve future service. By mitigating coverage inconsistencies, supervisors are able to respond to customer requests without delay.

2. Crisis Situations

Should your agents find themselves in an unsafe area, field service management software provides them with secure communication through which they can receive information on changing circumstances. Their location can be updated so that those outside the area know how many agents are in an unsafe location and can assist in helping those agents leave the area. Whether the scenario is weather-related, chemical or gas related or if it is a crisis related to violence, agents have a clear protocol to follow and can access that protocol via their mobile devices.

3. Real-Time Analysis and Quotes

Insurance field agents must abide by regulatory guidelines that are frequently updated. To provide clients with the most up-to-date quotes, and to remain in compliance, insurance field agents rely on cloud-based software that delivers real-time updates and quotes. Via mobile interfaces, agents are able to close claims in a timely manner because they have access to numerous documents and personal information within a secure platform, even when they are away from their desk.

For agents in industrial services and for those within the construction industry, field service management software assists in scheduling appointments at the last minute, monitoring equipment and material delivery and requesting additional supplies or information.

4. Collaboration

Shipping and freight companies, independent insurance companies, construction companies and utility companies all require constant collaboration with third-parties. Whether their goal is to receive materials, track inventory and packages, close claims or oversee environmental compliance, agents need a secure platform to access information and communicate with third-parties. Field service management software provides this integrated, secure platform. Hand-held devices become more powerful when backed with software that is integrated across devices and silos.

Sending an agent into the field with digital back-up keeps customers satisfied, supervisors informed and maintains a record of activities, interactions and receipts. It also provides supervisors and executive level management with the data they need to improve services throughout the organization.

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